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German couple invites whole village to say “thank you” for saving their home from Rhodes fires

September 18, 2023
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A German couple threw a dinner party for a whole village to say “thank you” for saving their house from the summer fires on the islands of Rhodes.

“A beautiful and touching initiative by a German couple, who have chosen Rhodes as their second home, wanting to thank all the residents of the village of Laerma, who together fought the flames a few weeks ago, thus managing to save their home”, local media reported.

Hans and Maria have been living permanently on the island for the last 14 years and they were were threatened by the devastating fires that hit Rhodes in last July.

Wanting to thank all the residents who fought the flames, saving their house, among others, they wanted to show their gratitude and decided to invite all the residents of the village at their own expense to have fun together.

In his post, local reporter Nektarios Pokkias had a short interview with Hans and Maria in Greek and wrote:

“A touching and beautiful initiative by two wonderful people from Germany, Hans and Maria, who have been living in Laerma permanently for the last 14 years. They invited all the people of Laerma at their own expense to have fun thanking them for helping to put out the fire last July around from their home. Good for them. There is still honor and humanity!”

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