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PM Mitsotakis congratulates new SYRIZA leader

September 25, 2023
Greece, Politics


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Monday reached out to Stefanos Kasselakis to extend his congratulations on becoming the new leader of the SYRIZA left opposition.

According to sources, Mitsotakis invited Kasselakis for a meeting in the coming days.

In comments made earlier on Monday, government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis expressed his hope for “the country to have a serious and credible opposition, with SYRIZA taking a more realistic path.”

“Our engagement will remain political, and we eagerly anticipate Mr Kasselakis’ positions, hoping that he will turn his back on toxicity.”

Several ND ministers posted also congratulation messages on social media stressing the “toxicity” aspect of SYRIZA.

35-year-old Stefanos Kasselakis, a Greek expat in the USA and former Goldman Sachs employer, with no political experience or knowledge landed in Greece’s political scenery out of the blue and managed to win the leadership of a historical party.

PS I see only one reason for conservative ND being thrilled about Kasselakis victory. and that is they are convinced he is an easy prey that will guarantee Mitsotakis in power for another 8 years.

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