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Five of the Best Greek Islands for Windsurfing

Greek Islands windsurfingWindsurfing in Vasiliki. Credit: Robert Sharp via Creative Commons (CC by 2.0)

Greece has over 200 islands for locals and travelers alike to explore. However, when it comes to water sports, and especially windsurfing, some Greek islands easily top the rest.

The sport of windsurfing has become increasingly popular in Greece and around the world in recent decades. Greece’s combination of strong winds and flat water in sheltered bays make it a great spot for windsurfers from all around the world.

For those looking to learn or for more advanced competitors, here are some great Greek islands for windsurfing.

Lefkada – Great for Beginners and Advanced Windsurfers Alike

The Ionian island of Lefkada is a favorite destination for beach lovers, thanks to its turquoise-colored waters. However, its small southern port town of Vasiliki is especially great for windsurfing.

The beaches of Vasiliki sit along a protected bay, meaning the strong winds that cross the island don’t cause any waves. Many Europeans and instructors from all over the world set up windsurfing shops and schools there in the summer.

Grecian Delight supports GreeceBest Greek islands windsurfingWindsurfing in Paros/Credit: verchmarco via Creative Commons

Just like Naxos, Paros gets the full blast of the meltemi wind in the summer. This attracts windsurfers from all over the world.

Perhaps this is why Paros is home to Paros Surf Club, one of the longest-operating clubs in Greece. Paros Surf Club was founded in 1989, and is still operating today.

Located on New Golden Beach, this surf club is a great training spot for those seeking to learn the basic skills or advanced the skills they already have. Additionally, both New Golden Beach and Golden Beach are some of the best windsurfing spots on the island.

Rhodes – A Greek Island With Windsurfing and A Stunning Old Town

One of the larger islands in the Aegean Sea, Rhodes is mostly known for its beautiful old town, amazing architecture, and great beaches. However, many travelers don’t know that it also has ideal conditions for windsurfing.

Advanced windsurfers who want to show off some tricks favor Theologos Beach and Prasonisi. The conditions here allow surfers to perform jumps off the water and other cool stunts.

Even beginners can enjoy themselves on these beaches by just watching the windsurfing pros cruise over the sea. Otherwise, amateurs can head to Windsurfers’ World in Ixia, another well-established and renowned surf club in Greece.

Karpathos – Windsurfing Off the Beaten Path

Unlike the rest of the Greek islands for windsurfing on this list, Karpathos tends to see less tourism. It’s known more for its beautiful, tranquil nature than nightlife and party beaches.

For those who want to have fun with water sports but avoid the tourist crowds, it’s a perfect destination.

Windsurfers tend to head to Afiartis on the southern tip of the island. Many surf clubs operate here, and the conditions are great for the sport, with steady, strong thermal winds.

Greece has so many destinations offering water sports that it can be hard to determine which ones to choose. However, the five Greek islands listed above are undoubtedly some of the best spots for windsurfing in the entire world.

For beginners and pros alike, all these beautiful places will offer some amazing experiences on the sea.

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