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Bishop of Piraeus claims homosexuality causes cancer, lashes out at SYRIZA leader

“The physical practice of homosexuality is scientifically blamed for five forms of cancer,” the Bishop of Piraeus, Seraphim, claimed in an article where he also lashed out at the leader of left-wing SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis.

“Kasselakis publicly boasts as a role model with the unfortunate young man [Tyler] he calls his spouse,” the hard-core Bishop wrote, among others.

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While he claimed that he respects Kasselakis “as the new leader of main opposition party and honor him as a fellow human being,” he could not resist the temptation to pull out of his clergy robe pseudo-scientific claims that spread bias and even endangers lives.

“SYRIZA  publicly brags about the unfortunate young man whom he calls his ‘husband’, and with whom he performed a ‘marriage’ in the transatlantic country, indirectly indicating a model for the lives of young people and displaying his deviation as a supposed normality,” the Bishop reportedly wrote warning at the same time “I have to sound the alarm from the eventual softening of rejection of the subversion of human ontology and the abuse of human physiology, which constitutes the tragic bodily practice of homosexuality.”

“The physical practice of homosexuality of both sexes is the surest path to carcinogenesis. This is the medical truth that is artificially suppressed, because the physical practice of homosexuality is scientifically blamed for five forms of cancer,” Seraphim wrote.

The cause of carcinogens is the prevalent in the undiscovered “human papillomavirus HPV”, 40 out of 100 types of which cause cancers as well as the HIV virus (GLOBOCAN – International Agency for Research on Cancer – IARC), as it is typically reported in modern internet publications,” the clergy man noted whereas had he done a simple search on internet he would have known that the HPV can be transmitted also by vaginal sex, the Church blesses even if for    childbearing reasons only.

“Therefore, the issue is not only moral and spiritual, but primarily social and medical and concerns the public health of young people, who are misinformed about the impending tragic death from cancer, due to the reversal of human ontology,” Bishop Seraphim underlined.

He then argued quite detailed by explaining the “function of digestive system” and warned of “septic death, which is why anyone who performs a prostate biopsy examination is obliged to undergo a ten-day multipotent antibiotic.”

67-year-old ultra-conservative Bishop of Piraeus Seraphim is a sworn enemy of homosexuals and had even blamed ‘international Zionist monster’ for controversial same-sex rights bill, in the past.

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