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Psaltis (Alpha Bank) urges businessmen to make good use of RRF’s tools to boost tourism

An Alpha Bank delegation, led by the Group’s managing director Vassilis Psaltis, met with businessmen on the island of Santorini, who are operating in the sectors of tourism, restaurants and wine production.

Alpha Bank is considered to be the bank of Greek tourism with a loan portfolio of almost 3 billion euros and a strong footprint in Santorini where the Bank’s loans exceed 170 million euros.

Positive messages for this year’s tourist season

The CEO of Alpha Bank had a series of meetings with businessmen regarding the growth dynamics of Santorini and more broadly of the Cyclades as a high-level global tourist destination, amid the particularly positive messages for the tourism performance this year.

Vassilis Psaltis: Determined to support the upgrade of the “Greek” brand

On the sidelines of his meetings with businessmen, Psaltis expressed Alpha Bank’s determination to support as a financier and consultant the upgrading of the offered experience of the island’s visitors, in a sustainable way that respects the environment, culture and will serve the progress needs of the entire local community.

“It is of the utmost importance to remain extroverted, to make the most of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) tools as well as the strong dynamics presented by the local economy, strengthening the Greek brand even more, but also to take into account factors such as the climate crisis,” Psaltis pointed out, adding that “only in this way will we shield our economy and businesses from future challenges.”

“Businesses in the tourism sector as well as those that produce high-quality local products have shown particular resilience in the most difficult moments of the Greek economy and they are reaping the fruits of this success,” he said.

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