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MSCI quarterly index review to be released at midnight; the 10 Greek companies

MSCI’s quarterly index review will be published at midnight, with the eyes of the investment community turned on the MSCI Standard Greece, which currently includes 10 stocks.

More specifically, MSCI Standard Greece includes the four systemic banks, Mytilineos, Jumbo, OPAP, PPC, OTE and Motor Oil, with National Bank weighing 16.6% and Eurobank 14.1%.

No changes are expected in tonight’s index review, with the above 10 listed companies remaining in the MSCI Standard Greece.

It is recalled that the last change took place last August, when Piraeus Bank replaced Terna Energy. A few months earlier, and specifically in February 2023, the addition of Motor Oil was also announced, with which the Greek index acquired a 10th representative for the first time after several years.


The performance of the MSCI Standard Greece, whose 50% mainly concerns the financial sector, reaches 6% in the 30-day period, exceeds 18.6% in the 3-month period and exceeds 40.8% in the 12-month period.

These are percentage changes, which are significantly higher than the corresponding MSCI Emerging Markets (-4.6%, 7.01% and -2.94%, respectively), to which the Greek stock market belongs.

On the other hand, compared to 2000, the performance of MSCI Standard Greece is negative by 9.07%, while that of MSCI Emerging Markets is 7.30%.

The 10 stocks of the MSCI Standard Greece index are:

National Bank (16.63)

Eurobank (14.14)

Mytilineos (11.56)

Alpha (11.22)

Jumbo (9.15)

OPAP (9.02)

Piraeus (7.85)

DEI (7.82)

OTE (7.50)

Motor Oil (5.11)

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