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Down with COVID – News must wait

December 5, 2023
Editor, FEATURED, Opinion


I was tested COVId-Positive last week for the first time since the pandemic started 3.5 years ago and despite having kept all protection measures as before.

I have mild symptoms and no fever, but an empty head and need endless hours of sleep and rest.

I spend three days in hospitals ERs and back home, the only thing I managed was my special chicken soup: broth made of chicken legs, lots of veggies for the taste, 3 lemon slices, salt, water and a bit of olive oil. The whole is  slowly cooked for several hours. This is my super ‘medicine’ for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack in-between, at least for the essential fluids supply. For some weird reason I can’t eat solid food or drink plain water.

But I’ll try “farin lacte”, a cream of wheat-flour & milk for babies…

Of course, news can wait until I’m back to my senses.

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