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What bugged tourists who visited Greece in 2022

Greece received tens of thousands of comments by tourists who visited the country for vacations in 2022. Greece maintained the satisfactory score of 2019 in both infrastructure and services. However, not all of the comments were positive.

What are their main complaints?

“Good Grades” seem to have been given by the tourists who visited our country last year, which maintained the satisfactory scores of 2019 in both infrastructure and services. However, the categories that registered negative comments are impressive, which should concern the interested parties, the state and tourism professionals, noted news website that published the report on March 21, 2023..

In INSETE’s annual statistical bulletin, Greece’s performance is detailed as reflected by the comments of tourists who came on vacation, on the various online platforms.

80% of the comments come from two categories of travel type, 47% corresponding to couple travel and 33% to family travel.

Of the rest, 11% come from solo travelers while 7% concern groups. Finally, only 3% correspond to business trips.

There were two main sources of origin of comments for 2022: Booking with 54% and Google with 26%, while in third place was Tripadvisor with 11%.

Analytical chart

Τα ποτά, η διασκέδαση, το κρύο νερό και τα κλιματιστικά τα μεγαλύτερα παράπονα των τουριστών για την Ελλάδα

Biggest Complaints

Drinks, entertainment, cold water and air conditioners are the biggest complaints of tourists about Greece

Negative comments about the drinks, air conditioning and noise

From the comments came the top-18 main subject categories that generated the most negative mentions posted online in 2022.

In first place with 55,000 mentions was the food-drink category, with most negative comments to contain the keyword “drink.”

This was followed by the room category with negative comments on the subject of “air conditioning” and immediately after that followed the category of technical installations that were related to the keyword “water“. Negative reviews containing the word water specifically mentioned freezing water in the pools, insufficient cleaning of the pools as well as a lack of hot water in the bathroom during the stay.

The country received negative comments for the category of cleanliness with the leading word being “dirt”, as well as “fuss”. The bathroom category also received negative feedback, as did the location category, with most negative mentions containing the keyword taxi mainly due to the lack of connectivity to ports and airports.

Noise in entertainment or lack of entertainment were also rated negatively by tourists who visited our country last year.

Several thousand negative critics were also received by the Greek beaches.

Low overall satisfaction in peak months in the Ionian Islands

The overall satisfaction index, i.e. the Net Promoter Score for the whole of 2022, in all star categories and in the majority of geographical units remains high (greater than 30).

In the three geographical sections, which receive the main volume of tourists such as Crete, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, the score was high even in the peak months.

On the contrary in the Ionian Islands, in August the NPS dropped to only 28. Two more cases of low NPS were recorded in the North Aegean geographical unit with 30 in January and only 19 in April 2022.

Good ratings for hotels

The general satisfaction index (GRI) of hotels showed an improvement during 2022 compared to 2019 with the exception of the categories: food-beverage and entertainment.

Three indicators moved higher than the GRI: cleanliness (91.2%), service (89.7%) and location (87.3%).

The value for money index was 84.9% and the room index was 84.6%.

The food and drink index fluctuated lower with 83.5%.

The only index to fall below 80% was the entertainment index at 76.7%.


PS I see no complaint about chicken so I don’t understand the decision to ban chicken from house yards in villages on eastern Crete.

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