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US Sends $2.9 Million To Assist Greek Islands, Unaccompanied Minors

Photo credit: Athens News Agency-Macedonian News Agency

Incoming aid form the United States will aim to improve the living conditions of unaccompanied minors who are migrants to Greece, and to assist the Greek islands as they seek to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The U.S. government will provide $2.9 million to Greece, according to Alternate Minister for Citizens’ Protection Giorgos Koumoutsakos and US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. The announcement was made on Thursday.

The money will be channeled through the The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration.

Commenting on the aid, Pyatt said the US assistance will be given “in support of their activities in Greece, in recognition of the burdens that the Greek State is carrying on the migration issue, and also the exceptional challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic and the need for all of us to work together.”

During his meeting, Ambassador Pyatt praised Koumoutsakos for his work in resettling refugees, particularly minors, to other nations in the European Union.

Pyatt added that the United States has recognized that the nation of Greece “is carrying a burden on behalf of the wider international community and deserves all the support that we can manage.”

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