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US Army Chooses Cretan Water to Quench its Thirst

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The Greek bottled water brand Zaros, which comes from the Cretan village of the same name, will soon be in the hands of the US Armed Forces, according to a list of approved products to be purchased by the US Department of Defense.

All items listed must pass the US Government’s strict quality standards for consumption by US military forces.

Christoforos Papadimitrakis, the CEO of Zaros considers the purchase to be “the highest honor of the attempts that (Zaros) makes to provide the highest quality products to consumers,” despite the fact the brand’s water has already received many international awards.

The water from the Zaros village in Crete, located at the foot of the Psiloritis Mountain, is world renowned as some of the purest water on the planet, and is exported to more than 20 countries.

The extraordinarily clean water from Zaros comes from the Amati spring, a picturesque oasis that is abundant with clean water that has rushed through carbonate rocks before reaching the clear blue basin.

The beautiful lake of Zaros. Credit:

The Zaros company, founded by residents of the village in 1980, uses pipelines below the Amati spring to collect the water so it can be bottled. Throughout the entire process of transporting and bottling the pure water, no human hands touch or alter the water in any way.

The water does, however, pass through the company’s strict measures of water quality and hygiene before it is bottled.

Zaros Water has been recognized internationally for its outstanding quality and taste, and was even officially named Best Bottled Water in the World in 2017.

The company has helped boost the economy in the small village of Zaros, as most of the company’s employees are locals.

Additionally, the local government owns nearly half of the company’s shares, and Zaros natives make up the majority of the remaining shareholders, following a socialist model.

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