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Unseasonably Warm Weather Sends Greeks to the Beach

Warm Weather in Greece
People in Nafplion enjoy the warm weather on the beach. Credit: Youtube/argolikeseidhseis

Greece has been experiencing some of its highest January temperatures of the last 50 years since Friday, with people rushing to beaches to enjoy the unseasonably sunny weather.

Temperatures climbed to 21 degrees Celcius in central parts of the Greek mainland, while northern Crete saw temperatures of 26 degrees!

This is the reason why many people took advantage of the weekend break and visited nearby beaches to brave a quick swim!

People in Nafplion, southern Greece flocked to the beaches of Argolis to enjoy the hot weather and escape from the misery of the lockdown.

Athens also saw hundreds of people going to the beach.

Alimos, Vouliagmeni, and other southern suburbs of the Greek capital were the destination Athenians chose to spend their weekend.

Among the Warmest Winters on Greek Weather’s Record

According to Greece’s METEO weather service, these temperatures are as much as 15 degrees Celsius higher than normal for this time of year, which is traditionally the coldest.

The hottest temperature ever to be recorded in January in Greece was 30.4 degrees Celcius.

This temperature was recorded on January 1, 2010, on the island of Crete.

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