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Two Teens Arrested for Beating Athens Metro Station Manager

Two Youths Arrested for Beating Metro Station Manager
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Two youths were arrested on Saturday and taken to the public prosecutor for violently assaulting an Athens metro station manager.

The prosecutor pressed criminal charges against the two brothers – 15 and 17 years old – for the grave assault against the 53-year-old metro station manager on Wednesday.

The manager had asked the two teenagers to wear their masks while on the train and take their feet of the seats. The two brothers got out and attacked him furiously, kicking him repeatedly while he was on the ground.

The two youths were arrested after they were identified by station cameras and the victim himself who had to be hospitalized after suffering severe injuries.

The teenagers were charged with intentional grievous bodily harm and insubordination for refusing to be fingerprinted.

Also charged was a special guard, member of the Greek police, who appeared to be a family friend and allegedly advised them on how to avoid arrest as well as what to do if they were arrested.

The police officer will be prosecuted for breach of duty and accessory to a crime. They were all led before an investigating magistrate and will ask for time to prepare their defense.

The two youths claimed the station manager spoke offensively to them and they did not realize how badly they had hurt him.

After switching trains, the two got off at Monastiraki Station where they were picked up by their mother, who had called up the police officer for advice. He was in turn arrested when he went to their house to ask how they are.

A psychologist paid a visit to the two youths while on detention. They both have no record of any offence. The CCT video of the brutal assault has shocked Greek society.

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