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Two Dead, One Missing as Storm Batters Greece

The town of Mouzaki in Thessaly is flooded on Saturday: Credit: Peter Ziogas/Facebook video still

At least two people died and one are missing on Saturday morning in Thessaly, central Greece, as the Mediterranean hurricane (medicane) Ianos batters Greece for a third day.

Flooding in Mouzaki. Credit: Mouzaki News/YouTube

In the town of Farsala in Thessaly, one elderly woman was found dead in her home after floods rushed through the town. A livestock farmer who was considered missing after being dragged away by the strong floodwaters late Friday in Karditsa has been declared dead.

Flooding in Thessaly. Credit: AMNA

Images released of the region of Karditsa have shown catastrophic damage from the storm. There, one 40-year-old woman is considered missing after being carried away by strong currents of the flood.

Flooding in Mouzaki. Credit: MouzakiNews/ YouTube

As Ianos thrashes much of Greece with strong winds and heavy rains, regions of the country have faced dangerous floods that have brought about widespread destruction and have reportedly left around 30 people trapped in their homes in Farsala.

Credit: Kostas Gogos/Facebook

Dramatic video shows the extent of flooding in the town of Mouzaki, near Karditsa, where entire roadways have been flooded, and bridges and buildings have collapsed, including the health clinic, pictured above.

Ianos brought the deadly flooding to the region late Friday night, after heavy rainfall overwhelmed nearby rivers, leaving to strong currents rushing through much of Thessaly.


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