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Two Athens Bars Make It Into the World’s Best 50 For Yet Another Year

“The World’s 50 Best Bars,” the annual list that celebrates the best bars in the world, has included for yet another year two Athens bars which are well-known for their quality services to the Athenian public.

The website publishes an annual ranking of entertainment spots and bars which have been voted on by more than five hundred drinks experts, who have visited hundreds of such establishments around the world.

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Introducing The World’s 50 Best Bars – class of 2019! Featuring 15 new entries and two re-entries, as well as bars from 22 countries from Japan to Argentina, the year’s list provides the ultimate bucket list for the discerning drinker. Congratulations to everyone involved! #Worlds50BestBars #50BestBars #Bartender #Bar #Travel #Cocktails #Worldwide #Party #Celebration #BucketList

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The 2019 edition of the list included the two Athenian bars which made it to last year’s list, proving the continuous excellence of their services.

The first on the 2019 list among Greek bars was ”The Clumsies,” which came in at 6th place in the world, one spot higher than it occupied last year.

The second Greek bar on the coveted list was ”Baba Au Rum,” which made an appearance at 30th place on this year’s list.

“The Clumsies”

This Athenian bar is one that is literally always crowded. If you can make it at all, it is a place you simply must check out in person if you haven’t already been there.

If you’re lucky enough to find a table when you visit The Clumsies, the experience you’ll have is guaranteed to be unique, as its services are definitely going to be among the best in the city.

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We couldn’t be happier and more proud for our Clumsies family! What an honour to be back to #6 among the World’s @50bestbars. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for following us to this amazing journey! #TheClumsies #Worlds50BestBars #Athens #Greece #cocktails #bar #nightlife

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The minimal nature of its wooden furniture, along with the meticulously curated music by the city’s best DJs and its comfortable atmosphere make The Clumsies a bar that many people around the globe would love to be lucky enough to visit.

Its unique nature, which combines brunch with club music and quiet cozy evenings with traditional Greek flavors make it a must-visit place for anyone who is spending a few days in Greece’s largest city.

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Found your spot in the heart of Athens yet? #theclumsies #theclumsiesfamily #worlds50bestbars #cocktail #nightlife #finedrinking #athens #greece

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You can find Clumsies at Praxitelous 30, in Athens

“Baba Au Rum”

Decorated in a way which deliberately brings you back to the beloved decade of the ’60s, Baba Au Rum is Athens’ newest place-to-be, when it comes to stylish entertainment and classy bars.

Meticulously decorated with colorful wallpapers and decorative bottles from the past, this bar aims to transfer you back to an era before many of its customers were even born.

Characterized by many as Athens’ modern ”Golden Age”, the ’60s were definitely the city’s most stylish and out-of-the-norm decade, and it is exactly there, where ”Baba Au Rum” transports you with its choices of drinks and decor.

As its name says, the bar specializes in rum, offering a wide variety of flavors from which to choose.

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Athenians are back to town after a long weekend and Baba Au Rum is always there to serve some high quality rums from its amazing selection. Tonight and every single night. #babaaurum #arumandcocktailsociety #rumlovers #50bestbars #athensbars #rum #totc

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If you are one of the more discriminating drinkers who are looking for a unique experience, the bartenders at Baba au Rum are always ready to offer up a completely personalized cocktail so that your own preferences become an integral part of your drink.

As the bar’s slogan promises: “Inspired by the Avant-Garde movement, we bring to you a radicalized intention; a tradition in transition that urges us to constantly undulate into the future!”

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Rare (funky) cuts from the Athens Bar Show nights! Baba Au Rum in a mood for party and love (Part 1.) Photo credits on @spirostergiou #babaaurum #athensbarshow #athensbars #athensbynight #cocktails #baba #worlds50bestbars #savethenightsupportnicebars #arumandcocktailsociety

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You can find Baba Au Rum at Klitiou 6, Athens


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