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Turkey’s Erdogan Repeats Threats to Open Europe’s Gates to Migrants

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan repeated on Saturday his threats that he is going to allow millions of refugees and migrants to enter the European Union if Brussels does not help Turkey financially.

Speaking in front of his party’s supporters in Eskişehir (Dorylaeum), Erdogan said that Turkey cannot deal with the number of refugees and migrants who are now in Turkey, hoping that they will manage to reach European shores.

The Turkish president noted that if Europe breaks its promise to help Turkey with refugees, then Ankara has no choice but to open the gates of Europe to refugees and migrants.

”We made it clear; Europe will either share the burden or we will open our gates”, Erdogan declared.

”We have spent $40 billion so far, how are we going to cope with four million refugees?” the Turkish President asked his supporters.

Migrant arrivals in Greece’s northern Aegean islands spike

Meanwhile, a total of 424 new asylum seekers reached Greek islands in the northern Aegean Sea between midnight and noon on Saturday, the Greek North Aegean police announced.

According to the report, 178 individuals arrived on the island of Lesvos, 114 landed on the island of Chios and 132 on the island of Samos.

This exceeds the numbers of those who arrived on Friday, when 175 asylum-seekers reached Greek islands in total, of which 80 went to Lesvos, 25 to Chios and 70 to Samos.

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