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Turkey, Israel Show Solidarity with Greece after Strong Earthquake

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The 6.0 earthquake rocked central Greece Wednesday. Credit: AMNA

The international community expressed its solidarity to the country after central Greece was hit by an earthquake measuring 6.0 Richter on Wednesday.

Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu stated the country’s willingness to offer any aid necessary to its neighbor in a call with Greek FM Nikos Dendias on Wednesday.

Cavusolgu also affirmed Turkey’s solidarity with Greece in a rare moment of support between the two countries that so often butt heads.

David Zalkaliani, Georgian FM, was also present during the conversation, and similarly offered support and solidarity to Greece.

Longtime ally Israel, represented by FM Gabi Ashkenazi, also stands by Greece after the quake rocked the country’s central region, causing damage to many buildings in the area.

Ashkenazi conveyed his country’s support for Greece on a phone call with Dendias as well as through a post on his Twitter page.

Greece activates emergency response to earthquake

The heads of Greece’s Interior Ministry, Interior Minister Makis Voridis and Alternate Interior Minister Stelios Petsas, at the orders of Greek PM Mitsotakis, have activated a full emergency response to Wednesday’s earthquake in Thessaly.

In order to best provide aid to the residents of the earthquake-stricken region, the state will offer financial support to cover emergencies as well as any restoration work on buildings damaged by the quake.

Notably, no one was gravely injured or passed away from the quake in Greece on Wednesday, a fact that Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Livanios stressed:

It is very important that there are no serious injuries and no human fatalities after Wednesday’s earthquake as human life is above all else,” he stated.

While no one was injured and no deaths were recorded, at least 30 houses, along with a school, were severely damaged in Mesochori in the municipality of Elassona.

As their houses are currently unsafe, these residents have been offered tents for temporary shelter.

Firefighters rescued six people from collapsed houses in Mesochori on Wednesday following the earthquake that occurred in central Greece earlier in the day.

The six who were rescued had been trapped in collapsed houses in the same village.

This story Turkey, Israel Show Solidarity with Greece after Strong Earthquake appeared first on

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