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Top Five Best Beach Bars You Must Visit in Greece

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Some of the best and most opulent beach bars in the world can be found in Greece. Credit: Greek Reporter

When summer rolls around in Greece people beat the heat by flocking to beach bars to enjoy a “frappe” coffee with the indigo blue sea stretching out before them.

Beach bars and cafes are truly a summer staple in Greece, but sometimes the sheer variety of options can be overwhelming. The seaside establishments listed below are tried and tested, and are sure to satisfy every beachgoer this summer!

The five best beach bars in Greece

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Le Moon Luxury Seaside Beach Bar – Olympus Riviera 

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Le Moon Beach Bar is the epitome of luxury, located near Mount Olympus. Credit: Greek Reporter

Le Moon beach bar is located near Mount Olympus, northern Greece. The bar is a perfect escape from your day-to-day life, offering delicious coffees and a plethora of other drink options right on the beach. The bar even has its own pool, making it a perfect refuge for those who prefer freshwater swimming.

The beach bar transitions seamlessly from day into night, and offers guests an experience like no other. Perfectly placed near the well-known village of Litochoro, the seaside bar even offers a VIP experience for established guests. Combining perfectly curated music, dining, and entertainment in one establishment is no easy feat, but Le Moon manages to do so expertly. Le Moon is not one to miss!

Krabo Beach Bar – Athens Riviera

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Located on the turquoise waters of Kavouri, Krabo is sure to offer a great summertime day out. Photo Courtesy of Krabo Beach Resort

Krabo beach bar is a great getaway from Greece’s bustling capital city. A short drive from the city, Krabo Beach is on what are widely regarded as the nicest waters Athens has to offer. Krabo epitomises the carefree bohemian style of the Athens Riviera, enveloping guests in casual beachside luxury.

Lose yourself in Krabo’s Greek island vibe and you’ll be sure to forget you were just in the city. Full service sun beds and wooden cabanas invite guests to relax in the sun, and the beach’s gourmet Mediterranean-food restaurant is always only steps away if you get hungry.

SantAnna – Mykonos

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The stunning SantAnna beach bar pampers its guests in luxurious amenities. Credit: Greek Reporter

The island of Mykonos is well known worldwide for its high-end and exclusive experiences, and SantAnna beach bar is no exception. A premier establishment, SantAnna offers something for everyone. With four bars, a restaurant, boutiques, sun beds, and cabanas, SantAnna is sure to keep guests happy and entertained.

The very essence of luxury, SantAnna has beautiful pools snaking through the entire resort. Relax in the spa or show up to one of SantAnna’s unique events and parties — whatever you do, you’re sure to have a great time at this beach bar.

Cabana Mare – Chania, Crete 

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Cabana Mare is perfect for an all-day getaway, with frequent premier event nights. Photo Courtesy of Cabana Mare

Cabana Mare is the place to be in one of Crete’s larger cities, Chania. All-day cocktails, expertly-made coffees, and gourmet food awaits any Cabana Mare guest. The beach bar is famous for its expert transition to beach club at night, making it a great all-day/all-night spot.

VIP cabanas with private jacuzzis allow patrons to bathe in luxury while sipping on anything they could desire from the bar. The stunning Greek sea is only steps away, and Cabana Mare’s turquoise pool caters to everyone’s needs. Cabana Mare is a perfect luxury option on the beautiful island of Crete!

Principote – Mykonos

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Principote offers a uniquely curated lavish experience on the island of Mykonos. Credit: Greek Reporter

One of the most exclusive beach bars in Greece and on the island of Mykonos, Principote is not to be missed. The restaurant and bar prides itself on making each and every guest feel welcome and appreciated, and this ethos shines through in their incredible service.

Perfect for the luxury traveler who values discretion, Principote offers private VIP lounges and handmade beach umbrellas with their plush sun beds. It is also well located for an amazing snorkeling experience, for those who want to discover the underwater world which is usually so hidden away. Professional massage services and a fine dining restaurant round out what is sure to be a spectacular day spent at Principote!

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