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The Poor Millionaire of Chios

Nearly one million euros were just found in the bank account belonging to 90-year-old Pantelis Tsoflias from Chios, who passed away on Monday.

The elderly man, who was well-known in the local community, had lived in a shabby, run-down house, and had always seemed to be near destitution.

According to Politischios, the village elders remember that, years ago, after a dispute with a particular bank, the old man arrived outside the branch with black bags in order to receive his money and transfer it to another private bank.

It was mentioned on that the money in his bank account came from the his earnings from his hard work in the field of construction, which he deposited for years, as well as his pension.

As first, reports claimed that his great fortune remained unclaimed since he has no heirs and that the funds in his account remain in the possession of the bank.

However, it was announced on Wednesday, by, that even though the old man had no children, he did have close relatives who took care of him the last few years, and therefore they will be the ones inheriting the huge fortune, since he left no will behind.

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