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The Magic of Creating Replicas of Ancient Greek Masterpieces

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Faithful replicas of ancient Greek masterpieces are created by specialists. Credit: Archaeological Resources Fund

A workshop in Athens produces the only officially-certified replicas of ancient Greek masterpieces which are later sold at the country’s archaeological sites, monuments and museums.

The exact copies of the most iconic pieces of ancient Greek art are made by hand, with great expertise, by talented sculptors, painters, conservationists and craftsmen at Athens’ Archaeological Resources Fund workshops.

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The workshops are under the control of the Greek Ministry of Culture, which supports the efforts to replicate masterpieces of Greek art for private sale, educational purposes, or even for exhibitions.

Both workshops, one located in Athens and the other in Pella, northern Greece, are fitted with the cutting edge tools in order to help the artist and craftsmen recreate the masterpieces with the greatest level of accuracy and beauty possible.

Gods and heroes, mortals and immortals are reproduced there, either sculpted in marble or cast in bronze, breathing life into ancient objects and allowing visitors to take a piece of ancient Greece home with them.

From Cycladic figurines to the impressive sculptures of the Classical period, the works of art copied in the workshop cover all periods of ancient Greek history and include some of the most iconic works of ancient Greek art.

Replicas of ancient Greek art made with perfect accuracy

The process of recreating these ancient Greek masterpieces is very complicated and requires work from artists and craftsmen with the best skills.

Talented painters also render the original colors the statues or artifacts were given, and gold leaf is skillfully applied to some of the objects, providing them with a veneer of shining gold.

The replicas, which are also sent to universities and related institutions around the world for educational purposes, are cast from the originals, making them perfect replicas.

These replicas bring the magic of ancient Greek art to people all over the world who may not have the ability to see the originals in person, and they make perfect gifts for art lovers.

All works of art produced at the workshop of the Archaeological Resources Fund bear an official seal attesting to their authenticity, accuracy, and high quality.

The molds and models from which the copies are produced belong exclusively to ARF and are not available in the market.

In addition, the law defines as faithful copies only those having the ARF seal plaque affixed to them during their production.

These replicas are available for purchase at all gift shops in monuments, museums, and archaeological sites in Greece, and can even be found in online gift shops of Greek museums.

Watch the video below to see just how our priceless treasures are painstakingly reproduced for the entire world to enjoy, learn from, and marvel over.

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