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Tequila Bottles Found on New Air Force One Jet Prompts Investigation

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Two empty tequila bottles were recovered on the new Air Force One jet that is currently under construction. Credit: Public Domain

Two empty bottles of tequila were inexplicably found on the new Air Force One jet that is currently under construction. The discovery of the liquor bottles has prompted an investigation from Boeing, the airplane manufacturer that is currently working on the jets.

The new Air Force One jets are comprised of two identical Boeing 747s that are being built on a $3.9 billion budget in the company’s San Antonio, Texas factory.

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Boing has expedited an internal investigation, saying that the alcohol was a “personnel matter,” linked to one of its employees. Alcohol is not allowed in Boeing’s factories, and the company does not consider these bottles to be ‘foreign object debris,’ or some kind of tool or object scattered around the plane during construction.

Those in charge of the factory consider the investigation extremely urgent, as the Air Force One project is of the “highest national priority”, equivalent to defense programs.

The two presidential jets that Boeing is currently working on are incredibly customized 747-8 aircrafts known as VC-25B military variants. These types of specialized jets require high level employees with security clearances, adding another layer urgency to the investigation.

The new Air Force One jets have been under construction since Trump’s Presidency

Boeing says that Air Force One is considered to be “effectively an airborne seat of government.” The company expects to complete the two jets in 2025. “Air Force One” is the aviation nickname–known as a callsign– given to whatever aircraft is carrying the serving president. Most VC-25Bs, even if not in use by the president, are usually referred to bey the same nickname due to their overwhelming popularity with presidents.

The current planes were brought on by former President George HW Bush over 30 years ago in 1990, and have now reached the last leg of their service life.

The new planes had begun construction during former President Donald Trump presidency, and Trump had introduced a new color scheme for the planes– a more “American” trio of red, white, and navy blue versus the classic duck-egg blue, white and gold color scheme selected by the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the ’60s.

But now that the construction of the new Air Force One jets has extended past Trump’s presidency, many are wondering what the new planes will look like when they are finally unveiled in 2025. President Joe Biden has made no statement as to whether he has continued with Trump’s original intention or reverted back to the iconic Kennedy colors.

Aviation experts note that the jet’s light blue lower half is a form of camouflage so that the plane can blend in with the rest of the sky while in flight.

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