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Suspected Killer of Greek Transgender Woman Arrested

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Dimitra Kalogiannis was hit by a car and left for dead on April 9. Credit: Screenshot from YouTube/OBPS Totte

The suspected killer of Greek transgender woman Dimitra Kalogiannis was arrested on the basis of fingerprint evidence uncovered Monday.

Kalogiannis, who has also been referred to by her birth name “Dimitris” by media, was the victim of a hit-and-run in Athens in April.

Killer of Greek transgender woman arrested

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The 64-year-old was originally from the island of Lesvos, but had been forcefully relocated to Athens in order to be admitted to Dromokaiteio Psychiatric Hospital.

Kalogiannis had been in and out of psychiatric facilities throughout her life.

Kalogiannis went missing from the hospital on April 6, escaping her involuntary treatment, and was hit by a car only three days later. She was killed in the Athenian suburb of Palaio Faliro and was transferred to Tzanneio hospital.

Following her death, she was buried as an “unknown individual,” and a DNA test only recently confirmed that the body belongs to Kalogiannis.

The suspected killer has now been arrested, thanks to fingerprint evidence which was linked to the individual on Monday.

The suspect was arrested for allegedly hitting Kalogiannis with their car and abandoning her on the street, leaving her for dead. Greek media has reported that the driver has admitted to this crime and will soon appear before a prosecutor.

Transgender Greek missing seven weeks before Silver Alert

The director and founder of Silver Alert has been bombarded with accusations as to why the alert was delayed more than seven weeks. The member of the LGBTQ community, it appeared the transgender Greek had been marginalized.

Gerasimos Kourouklis, the director of Silver Alert, said that the service was informed of Kalogiannis’ disappearance by her brother and Dromokaitio, a psychiatric hospital, in Athens’ western suburbs, on April 6.

“We filed the report to declare her missing immediately, but the police did not allow the process to proceed, because Kalogiannis is a fugitive from a psychiatric institution,” Kourouklis said. Silver Alert had not been informed that the process was frozen, according to the director.

“Wednesday, the social service authorities gave clearance to issue the silver alert,” said Kourouklis. Silver Alert is accountable to the prosecutor’s office, Kourouklis stated. “There had been pressure “from the hospital that we were hindering the process.”

One of Kalogiannis’ brothers, Panagiotis, is expected to file charges on the basis of the delay in releasing a Silver Alert for the disappearance of his sister.

Kalogiannis has now been dubbed “Dimitra of Lesvos” on social media. Greeks are rallying to get justice for her death and to improve the living conditions of transgender individuals across the nation.

A video of Kalogiannis taken prior to her untimely and tragic death can be found below.

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