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Storm “Ianos” Will Bring Severe Weather to Greece Through the Weekend

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A series of storms, named “Ianos,” will begin affecting Greece starting on Thursday. The region of Attica will be especially hard hit by these first major rainstorms of autumn.

The weather pattern stems from storms brewing in the central Mediterranean near Malta, southern Italy, and North Africa.

Starting on Thursday, Greece’s Ionian coast will experience heavy rain, which will move toward Attica. That region will be the epicenter of the storm on Friday.

Meteorologists urge hat the public take special precautions, since there is a possibility that, in addition to strong rain and gale-force winds, hailstorms could also occur around the country.

Experts are monitoring the storm especially closely, since there is a possibility that it could become a “Medicane,” an uncommon, hurricane-like storm in the Mediterranean.

The Ministry of Civil Protection has warned citizens about the danger of the storms, advising them to avoid outdoor and marine activities during the coming days, secure any objects that could be taken up by winds, and to remain in safe shelter during the severe weather.

The Ministry will release new advisories as information regarding “Ianos” continues to develop throughout the week.

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