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Seeking Adventure on the Stunning Greek Mountain of Smolikas

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At the peak of Mt. Smolikas Credit: The Thing About Greece/Youtube

The Thing About Greece (TTAG), an organization dedicated to supporting sustainable outdoor adventures in Greece, organized a youth trip to the breathtaking heights of the Greek mountain Smolikas.

The stunningly beautiful mountain, situated amongst the rugged natural beauty of Epirus in Northern Greece, makes for the perfect outdoor adventure spot.

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Hiking to the top. Credit: The Thing About Greece/Youtube

The group hiked up the slopes of the mountain to its peak, passing through an untouched forest. Just before arriving at the top of majestic Mt. Smolikas, the second tallest mountain in Greece, the group reached the famed “Dragon Lake” near the summit, which is known for its pristine beauty.

The trip took its name,”The Dragonlake Experience,” from this majestic lake.

When they reached the lake near the top of the mountain, the group of young people and their chaperones created a natural skating rink, carefully carving out the words “Save Epirus” into the snow nearby.

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The group etched “Save Epirus” into the snow on the Greek mountain. Credit: The Thing About Greece/Youtube

Embracing their awe-inspiring surroundings, the group went on to play some hockey in what must surely be one of the most breathtaking hockey rinks to found anywhere in the world.

Save Epirus

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The group played hockey on the Greek mountain. Credit: The Thing About Greece/Youtube

The act of carving the phrase “Save Epirus” in the snow serves as a reminder of the region’s and the country’s biodiversity — since Greece is home to snow-capped mountains, dense forests, crystalline seas, and even swamps — and the urgency needed to protect it.

Currently, mining for hydocarbons, such as petroleum or natural gas, is expanding in Epirus.

The region is home to rolling mountains, lakes, and forests that are home to a wide range of flora and fauna, even wild horses, all of which are extremely sensitive to such environmentally-damaging practices.

The group believes that the potential for the destruction of Epirus’ biome by mining is immense, and the country cannot afford to irreparably spoil its natural beauty and wildlife for future generations.

For this reason, TTAG is dedicated to bringing young people face-to-face with Greece’s awe-inspiring landscapes, in the hopes that they too will advocate for their protection in the future.

The stunning image of Greek kids playing hockey on the peak of Mt. Smolikas embodies The Thing About Greece‘s mission of looking beyond the stereotypes surrounding Greece as a tourist destination while preserving the country’s environment.

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Mt. Smolikas. Credit: Deyan Vasilev/CC BY-SA 3.0

The Thing About Greece on Smolikas

The Thing About Greece group is dedicated to fostering and supporting the nascent sector of sustainable tourism and adventure, in which the country’s sensitive ecosystems are not damaged or polluted by the activities of tourists and outdoorsmen.

Due to Greece’s reliance on tourism, and its famed biodiversity, strengthening the field of environmentally-friendly tourism is essential to moving toward an economically vibrant, green future.

Along with organizing green adventures and camps, TTAG also hosts film contests and festivals and supports activism for the environment and refugees in Greece.

The organization has even produced its own films that have racked up hundreds of thousands of views online. Their videos both display the group’s various adventures in Greece’s diverse natural landscape, and also highlight issues of climate change and pollution.

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