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Rising Pop Singer Dolleesi Releases Greek-Inspired Single ‘Escape’

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Dolleesi releases her new single “Escape”/Courtesy of Dolleesi

Up and coming LA-based Greek pop artist Dolleesi released the electro-pop single “Escape”, inspired by the atmosphere and beauty of the Greek islands.

The single, which was released in late June, features warm vocals and a summer-inspired atmosphere.

Dolleesi’s Inspiration for “Escape”

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Greek Reporter interviewed Dolleesi on the story behind this new song. She got the inspiration for “Escape” in lockdown. According to her, “the first lockdown found me in LA, far from my friends and family, I felt the need to express my nostalgia for the good times”.

To cope with the difficult lockdown conditions, she started creating music to help her feel creative and positive about the world again. “Escape” came about while she was “dreaming of summers on the island that [she] grew up on.”

Dolleesi grew up on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, though she has traveled all over Greece in pursuit of her music career, including Athens, Thessaloniki, and Santorini.

The motivation behind “Escape” was not only to help the listener lose themselves in a faraway Greek summer for a moment, but also to inspire a sense of optimism and dreamlike wonder.

Dolleesi in the Music World

This is hardly Dolleesi’s first step into the music industry. She has been passionate about music since she was a teenager, and that drive took her from Athens, to the UK, and eventually to Boston, Massachusetts were she obtained a degree in both Songwriting and Performance from the Berklee College of Music.

Dolleesi Escape” width=”700″>
Art for Dolleesi’s new single “Escape”/Courtesy of Dolleesi

Using social media to express her creative and raise her profile, Dolleesi started sharing covers of popular songs as well as her unique takes on them, while performing live on stages around the US.

Not only a talented singer, Dolleesi is also exceptionally gifted on both the piano and guitar, two instruments which frequently show up in her songs. Though she grew up learning mostly classical and jazz, playing more acoustic music, she experimented with sounds and beats until she ended up in the world of R&B and electro pop.

Even though Dolleesi now lives in LA, her Greek roots are never far from her mind and heart. She told Greek Reporter, “Greece and Mediterranean culture are in my veins and are always an inspiration for my music.”

She returns to Greece almost every year to stay in touch with family, friends, as well as great musical collaborators she has met over the years there. Meanwhile, she continues to pursue her dream of music in Los Angeles, experimenting with new styles and creating new songs.

You can watch the video for her Greek-inspired single, “Escape”, below. Its island sound is sure to transport you to a different place.

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