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Rare Birds Killed By Wind Turbines in Evros, Greece

A Lesser Spotted Eagle. These large Eastern European birds of prey are found from Germany east to Russia, and from Finland south all the way to Greece. Credit: Wikimedia commons

The National Forest and Park Management Authority of Dadia, Lefkimi, and Soufli announced on Wednesday that two rare raptors were found killed recently next to wind turbines in south Evros, in northeastern Greece.

On August 19, a lesser spotted eagle was found dead by a resident of Ferres in Evros, at the wind turbine park of Melia.

Just two days later, the body of a rare cinereous vulture was spotted next to another wind turbine located near the village of Leptokarya in Evros.

The carcasses of the two birds were taken to be examined by the Park Management Authority. Their autopsy found out that both of these rare birds had been killed by the wind turbines in the area, as they had accidentally crashed into the massive helixes of the windmills.

Following these unfortunate events, the Authority issued a statement recently in which it notes that more than twenty rare birds have been killed by the turbines in the last few years in the broader area.

Experts across the world are worried about the impact that human activity and wind turbines have on wildlife, as incidents of bird deaths due to wind turbines are increasing globally.

It is noted that just in the area of Thrace in northeastern Greece alone, a total of more than 235 wind turbines have been constructed and are currently in operation.

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