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Parthenon made of …dough by Greece’s National Baking Team

March 26, 2023
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The precise replica of the Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens has been created out of …dough. Creators are a group of bakers, the National Baking Team  preparing for an international competition.

The bakers behind this unique creation are members of the National Baking Team, which will represent Greece in the world championship scheduled to take place in Paris in January 2024.

Speaking to Open TV, the bakers said the spent eight hours on the construction of the Parthenon made of eatable dough.

The National Baking Team consists of six members, two from Crete, two from Kefalonia, each one from Kalamata and Kavala.

Tthe Team has already passed the qualifiers of the relevant competition.

In the world championship they will be invited to compete in the categories of bread, bakery products and artistic dough.

The topic will be the Olympic Games scheduled to take place in France 26 July-11 August 2024..

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