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One Quarter of Greek Women Did Not Use the Internet Last Year

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According to data released by the European Union’s “Women in Digital Scoreboard 2020” on Tuesday, one in four Greek women did not use the internet at all last year.

In all of Europe, just one in ten women had not used the internet during 2019.

As the internet has become a fundamental part of everyday life for almost all of us, those who lack technological skills or access to the internet are shut out from many educational and employment opportunities.

According to the Women in Digital Scoreboard, just 18% of ICT specialists in Europe are female, and in Greece, women make up just 16% of the workforce in the field of technology.

This trend seems to be shifting in Greece, however, as 14.5% of Greek women now hold a degree in STEM fields, just above the European average of 14.3%.

While women are less likely to work in technology than men across Europe,  the technological disparity of the sexes is particularly noted in Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, and Greece, where a significant portion of women lack basic technological literacy or do not use the internet at all.

Northern Europe is home to the most technologically literate women, with Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands ranking among the European countries with the highest population of women who are active on the internet.

On average, 56% of European women have at least basic technological skills, while only 49% of Greek women possess the same capabilities, in comparison to 52% of Greek men.

Just 22% of Greek women are able to handle technology above what is considered a basic level. In all of Europe, 31% of women have similar technological skills.

While a majority of European women, 65%, conducted their banking online last year, just 36% of Greek women, compared to 45% of Greek men, used this type of service in 2019.

Although Greece lags behind the European averages in terms of women and technology, the country has made vast improvements in the past ten years. In 2009, approximately 60% of Greek women had never even used the internet.

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