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New Fire Erupts in Varympompi, “Flames Lick” Royal Estate at Tatoi

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New fires have rekindled in Varympompi, Greece. Credit: Greek Reporter

New fires have rekindled in Varympompi, north of Athens, Greece, on three fronts. The ominous developments on Thursday occur just one day after the previous fire had been partially contained.

Now, onlookers say that the former Greek royal family’s estate at Tatoi is in danger, as “flames lick” the buildings there, which are currently under extensive restoration.

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Authorities have just sent a message to the residents of Ippokratio Politia and Drosopigi via 112.

At present the fire fronts are located in a ravine that is between Adames and the Tatoi airport, in the Olympic village and in the Royal Estates themselves.

Authorities on the scene told local media that “The inductive smoke column is proportional to the heat intensity in the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.”

Five firefighting helicopters and an aircraft arena  dropping water in an effort to bring the situation under control. According to SKAI TV, firefighters said explosions were heard, while the re-ignition of the blaze near Adamas most likely came from a small pocket of fire.

All three new fires are burning parts of the forest that had been left untouched so far in the previous blazes.

Now, roads in the wider area have been blocked off to facilitate the movement of fire trucks to the locations of the flareups.

A message from the Civil Protection, through 112, was sent a while ago to the residents of the area where the fire broke out. At the same time, according to ERT, buses are ready to pick up residents who do not have the means to leave.

The residents of Ippokratio State, who number approximately 1,200, are now asked to move from their homes and out to the highway that goes to Athens, while the 450 residents of Drosopigi are asked to remove themselves and go to Afidnes or Oropos.

The message residents received stated “If you are in Ippokratio Politia, evacuate now to Athens from the Athens-Lamia National Road. If you are in Drosopigi, evacuate now to Afidnes or Oropos. Forest fire in your area.”

Because of the strong winds, which are exacerbating the fires, the blazes are changing course, threatening Ippokratia.

As Dionysis Paterakis, president of the Hippocrates State Housing Association, reports to, the fire may be as close as six kilometers; however dense smoke has already started to cover the area.

“The fire is quite far from Ippokratia state at the moment. Thick black smoke has started to appear and cover the area; however the fire is in a straight line from here about six kilometers.

“A while ago we received a message from 112 of the civil protection for precautionary evacuation and enough people have started to move away,” he added. “At the moment the direction of the wind has changed and is further east, which means that the danger is now being transferred to the royal estates, while a while ago it seemed to be coming upwards.

“I see around six air vehicles operating in the area, while fire sirens are heard everywhere,” he noted.

At the same time, a message was sent with recommendations to the residents of Kryoneri, stating: “If you are in Kryoneri, close all the chimneys, windows, doors so that the heat does not penetrate inside the house. Stay alert & follow the instructions of the authorities.”

With the first light of day, new water drops from helicopters began on the new flareups in and around the new fires at Varympompi.

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