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Louis Vuitton Launches Campaign on Stunning Greek Island of Milos

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Sarakiniko Beach on Milos. The stunning island will be the setting for Louis Vuitton’s latest advertising campaign. Credit: dronepicr – CC BY 2.0

Famed French fashion house Louis Vuitton has chosen the beautiful Greek island of Milos as the setting for its latest brand campaign called “The Spirit of Travel.”

Milos, which is known for its azure waters and unique, moon-like geological formations, is being captured for Louis Vuitton through the lens of photographer Viviane Sassen.

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The volcanic island is the south-westernmost island in the Cyclades archipelago; because of its volcanic origin, Milos possesses a captivating, colorful landscape with soft, sandy beaches, underwater sea caves and dramatic cliffs.

In the video, Sassen directs school-aged children playing against the stunning landscape for which the island is known, making the advertising campaign feel like memories of a childhood dream. The unique backdrop makes the shoot feel even more dreamlike.

Louis Vuitton’s campaign highlights great beauty of Milos

In a social media post, the French fashion house stressed that the campaign was “an evocative ode to the inner child, set free in a reverie of otherworldly beauty and infinite possibility.”

Milos is not the only destination to be featured in Louis Vuitton’s campaign. “The Spirit of Travel goes beyond discovering a physical destination, it also sparks curiosity for what lies within. For this year’s brand campaign, photographer Viviane Sassen continues to translate the Maison’s core values into a far-reaching journey where imagination takes flight between past, present and future,” the fashion house wrote in a statement.

Photographer Sassen will travel to a variety of unique destinations for the campaign, including France and Jordan, as well.

Many designers use Greece as inspiration

Louis Vuitton is not the first fashion house or designer to use the gorgeous landscape of Greece as the setting for a advertising campaign or fashion show.

Just a few months ago, in June, Dior held an awe-inspiring fashion show at the Panathenaic Stadium, or “Kallimarmaro,” in Athens for the major fashion house’s “Cruise 2022” collection.

Setting the show at the world famous, historically significant, and most importantly, decidedly Greek, Kallimarmaro stadium is clearly a nod to ancient Greece, which acts as a huge inspiration for Dior.

At the helm of the show held in Athens was Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s current creative director. Chiuri sees fashion through a feminist lens and in terms of the Dior “Cruise 2022” collection, she researched and subsequently channeled a lot of information about powerful ancient Greek women.

Chiuri’s inspiration explains why the setting of the show is in such an explicitly historical place, as well as the contents of the collection, which are almost certainly Greek-inspired.

And that wasn’t the first time that Dior had sought to hold a fashion show in Greece. The show which was held at Kallimarmaro actually succeeds a Dior show held in Athens in 1951. Then there was a second show, in the 1970’s, with the iconic fashion house showcasing its minimalist dresses at the Acropolis.

The shows, which presented the autumn/winter haute couture collections, saw models pose in front of the Caryatids, mirroring their grace and taking a cue from their impressive outerwear.

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