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‘Leandros’ Bad Weather System Brings Snowfall in Greece

'Leandros' Bad Weather System Brings Snowfall in Greece
Credit: Greek Reporter

The “Leandros” bad weather system is in full swing in Greece, bringing snowfall and bitter cold to the Attica region and the biggest part of the country.

Right after midnight, snow began to fall throughout Central Greece, mostly in Evrytania, western Fthiotida, northern Evia, and Fokida, not creating major problems so far.

In the early morning hours, “Leandros” arrived in the Attica region with continuous rainfall, temperatures in the lower digits and snow on Mount Parnitha.

Snow on the roads leading to the Parnitha mountaintop has disrupted traffic, warned the Athens General Police Directorate.

Police also warned that there are traffic interruptions in the Athens-Thebes and Thebes-Lamia National Highway system in both directions and banned vehicles of 3.5 tons and over from using the road.

'Leandros' Bad Weather System Brings Snowfall in Greece
North Evian. Credit: Greek Reporter

Heavy snowfall in Thessaloniki

The whole city of Thessaloniki is already covered in snow, as “Leandros” arrived in Greece from the North. Timid snowflakes appeared in the dawn, getting heavier in the morning.

The snowfall intensity increased during the day, with temperatures dropping below zero, with the snow freezing in the upper parts of the city.

Meanwhile in the Evryrania region, snow exceeded 8 cm (more than 3 inches) with snowplows opening the roads from Lamia to Karpenisi and from Karpenisi to Agrinio.

Larissa early in the morning. Credit: Teo Liakos

In western Fthiotida the snowfall is particularly intense and in the mountain villages such as Gardiki and Pougakia the height of the snow has exceeded 10 cm (4 inches), with snowplows working overtime.

Evia and Central Greece hit hard by “Leandros”

Right after midnight snow started falling in northern Evia and especially in the Kerasia Community, soon covering the area in white.

As a precaution, local authorities banned trucks of  over 1.5 tons on the National Highway Schimatari – Chalkida part. The same applies to the Chalkida – Edipsos part.

Citizens of Larissa woke up and saw their city dressed in white, while from the early morning hours on Saturday the plain of Thessaly was dressed in white as well.

'Leandros' Bad Weather System Brings Snowfall in Greece
North Evia. Credit: Greek Reporter

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