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Lawyers: Eva Kaili is free to return to her MEP duties in EU Parliament

May 26, 2023
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Eva Kaili is is free to return to her duties in the European Parliament and to exercise her rights as an MEP, her lawyers announced in a statement on Friday.

The lawyers statement came a day after Belgian prosecuting authorities remove the electronic bracelet from Eva Kaili who has been under house arrest since mid April.

The lawyers added that Kaili, who is still under investigation for the so-called ‘Qatargate’ scandal, was not perturbed by a decision forbidding her to leave Belgium, as she intends to return to Greece only after she is vindicated by the courts.

Ηowever, it is a wonder how she will manage to bypass the restriction to leave Belgium and travel to Strasbourg in France, where the

Nevetheless, her lawyers also added that the evidence pointing to her innocence is mounting.

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