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Large Fire Breaks Out in Achaia, Residents Evacuated

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A fire broke out in Achaia on Wednesday.

A large fire has broken out in the agricultural and heavily-forested region of Elekistira, in Achaia, near Patras on Wednesday afternoon.

Due to the strength and rapid spread of the fire, firefighters in the region have advised that residents of the area Souli in Achaia be evacuated.

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This fire broke out after a different fire in the same region began to spread near the village of Drosia near the Erymanthos mountains, which has also been evacuated.

Firefighters in the region have requested reinforcements as the blaze gains strength and threatens residences and other structures.

Currently, 64 firefighters, two helicopters, and 24 specialty vehicles are working to control the fire and keep it from spreading to residential areas.

Controlling the fire has proven to be exceptionally difficult, as temperatures are high and winds are quite strong in Achaia on Wednesday, fueling the flames.

Fire in Attica on Tuesday

A large wildfire broke out in Stamata, East Attica on Tuesday afternoon, in what officials believe was the result of arson. Four suspectes have been taken into custody.

The blazes have reached residential areas and amateur videos from the area posted on social media show the smoke and dust surrounding the village of Stamata.

Greek media also report that the fire has already burned residences and cars both in Stamata and in Rhodopolis. According to Rhodopolis Mayor Vasilis Kleftakis, 20 houses in the area have either burned down completely or suffered serious damage.

Coming heatwave could increase risk of fires in Achaia, all of Greece

A severe heatwave is expected to blaze through Greece for the week, the National Meteorological Service announced Monday.

This is not the first heatwave the country has faced this summer; however, forecasts show that temperatures are supposed to skyrocket again to 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts Greece, reminding many of the deadly 1987 heatwave.

The urgent announcement by the National Meteorological Service attempts to bring awareness to the dangers associated with the soaring temperatures Greece is likely to face for the next week.

From Tuesday onward, temperatures across the country are forecast to take a turn and change drastically. This is due to the hot air masses which are likely to travel from North Africa to Greece and send thermometers skyrocketing.

However, the agency made note of the fact that the heatwave hitting Greece will be at its absolute worst from Thursday, July 29, to Tuesday, August 3.

This is a developing story.

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