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Jaw-Dropping Triangular Home Built in Olive Grove West of Athens (video)

A Greek architect designed a spectacular and unique triangle-shaped home for a couple west of Athens, using geometry to provide protection from wind and sun and to open up the residence to the views of nearby mountains.

Tilemachos Andrianopoulos designed the poured-concrete residence, which is nestled in a family-owned olive grove in the Gerania mountains, the mountain range stretching from Korinthia to west Attica.

The home begins small, at the tip of the triangle, where its walls are lower than they are in the back. The walls grow and stretch upward as the home progresses uphill, funneling views toward the Gerania mountains.

The only openings on two sides of the triangle are slits which let in protected light and allow for some views. All the other windows of the home on those long sides of the triangle open out onto one of two interior courtyards.

On the side of the home that faces the mountain, the wall is nearly double the height that it is at the triangle’s narrowest point, but it is made mostly of glass, which can be completely opened to let in the sweeping views of the olive trees and the mountains.

In symbiosis with the local ecosystem, the home is covered in a “living roof,” specifically tailored to Greek climatic conditions, and those of Attica in particular. It features drought-tolerant plants such as lavender, helichrysum, aura, drosanthemum and thyme.

There is no grass inside the courtyards, but all the plants used there are native to the area. The walkways are made of packed earth.

There is a partial “moat” around the walls of the home as well, with water coming from a well which runs in a concrete channel and ends in a small pool at one point of the triangle. The water naturally cools the home in the hottest part of the summer.

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