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Ioannis Sarmas sworn in caretaker Prime Minister of Greece

May 25, 2023


Court of Audit President Ioannis Sarmas was sworn in as prime minister of a caretaker government that will lead Greece to the second round of elections on June 25.

Shortly after 4 o’ clock Thursday afternoon, 66-year-old Sarmas was sworn in at the Presidential Mansion in the presence of President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

He received the order to form a caretaker government from Sakellaropoulou on Wednesday, following her meetings with leaders of the top three parties resulting from the May 21 elections. All of the leaders successively turned down the exploratory mandates to form a government.

Former conservative PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis was waiting for Sarmas on the steps of Maximos Palace, led him to the PM’s office and handed him a file with important state affairs, reassuring him that he is available to assist him when issues arise.

“We will carry out the duties until the natural beneficiary who will emerge from the will of the people returns,” Sarmas said.

Mitsotakis wished him “good strength” in his duties before handing him a voluminous blue file containing “all the necessary information to carry out his duties and to be informed of current domestic and international issues and obligations,” as he noted.

Ioannis Sarmas is expected to be a caretaker PM for the next 32 days, if the second round of elections on June 25 produces a government and longer if a third round will be necessary.

According to media, the caretaker government will consist of some 20 ministers in essential ministries and no deputy or alternate ministers.

Sarmas is still to make his cabinet choices.

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