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Ioannina Has Become Greece’s Silicon Valley

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Three German IT companies that have established research centers in Ioannina are turning the vibrant capital of Epirus into a Greek Silicon Valley, a Deutsche Welle report says.

After P&I and Prodyna, German TeamViewer acquired its own Research and Technology hub in Ioannina. TeamViewer provides a global remote connectivity platform, offering comprehensive, remote access, remote control and remote support solution that works with almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

The company that was founded in 2005, today has a stock market value that exceeds 6 billion euros.

And why in Ioannina and not in a big urban center like Athens or Thessaloniki?

Simply because Ioannina is a dwelling place for a university and many graduates in the computer science field. TeamViewer aims at attracting up-and-coming talent to create successful career paths for them within the organization.

Philipp Deutscher, IT & Software Development Director, responsible for the Hub in Ioannina explained the company’s objective: “TeamViewer has a long-term plan for the Ioannina center. Ioannina is the source of our engineering graduates and the goal is to attract talents from Ioannina, Athens, and Thessaloniki. This is because we see a great opportunity to strengthen our innovation efforts and apply our solutions in many more areas”.

Currently, the center employs 40 engineers from Greece, and TeamViewer plans to expand the workforce from 40 to 150–200 engineers over the next few years. In 2020 more than 50 software developers will be on board the new hub.

Among the 40 Greeks is Athanasios Mousioulis, who after studying and working for five years in England, he found a job in his hometown: “It was unexpected, to be honest. When I went to England I could not imagine that one day I would find a job in my field in Greece. It was a big surprise for me.”

The Municipality of Ioannina supports the German companies and their development plans. As Mayor Moses Elisaf said: “German companies can help us create a Greek Silicon Valley in Ioannina”.

(Sources: Deutsche Welle, ARD, TeamViewer)

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