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Internationally-Renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay Films in Greece

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Internationally-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay was spotted filming with his crew in Greece’s largest island of Crete on Monday for what is believed to be a new documentary on Greek food.

There has been no official announcement of Ramsay’s new project, but media in Chania say that he plans to also shoot in other parts of Greece over the next couple of weeks.

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Gordon Ramsay and his crew at Chania. Credit: reports that the British chef tasted local delicacies in Chania during a break in filming.

Gordon Ramsay Crete” width=”1200″>
Gordon Ramsay tasting local delicacies in Chania, Crete. Credit:

He is seen enjoying the warm weather, sitting outside a bakery and café that is renowned for its bougatsa, a Greek breakfast pastry which can be either sweet or savory.

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Reflection time for Gordon Ramsay. Credit:

Ramsay, who was born in Scotland, and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, founded his global restaurant group Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in 1997.

Ramsay known for his bluntness

It has been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total and currently holds a total of seven. After rising to fame on the British television miniseries Boiling Point in 1999, Ramsay became one of the best-known and most influential chefs worldwide.

As a reality television personality, Ramsay is known for his bluntness, as well as his fiery temper, strict demeanor, and frequent use of profanity.

He combines activities in the realms of television, film, hospitality, and the food industry and has promoted and hired various chefs who have apprenticed under his wing.

In 2020, Forbes listed Ramsay’s earnings at $70 million for the previous 12 months, and ranked him the 19th-highest-earning celebrity in the world.

Filming “Kitchen Nightmares” in Greece and the US

In 2014, he made a TV reality series in Greece that was screened on the British network Channel 4.

The concept of “Kitchen Nightmares” was to help British people who own restaurants, hotels and inns in the country to refine the dishes that they offer their customers.

The show was also formerly broadcast on the Fox network, in which Ramsay is invited by the owners to spend a week with a failing restaurant in an attempt to revive the business. Some of the owners were Greek restaurateurs.

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