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Increase in Coronavirus Cases in Last Day in Greece Raises Alarm

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The Greek Health authority EODY announced on Thursday that there have been a total of 65 new coronavirus cases detected across the country in just the last 24 hours. Seventeen new instances of the infection were picked up at the country’s entrance gates and airports; the rest were domestic cases.

However, calming fears somewhat, the EODY reported that there were no new deaths since Wednesday anywhere in Greece. So far, since the outbreak of the disease in the Spring, there have been a total of 203 fatalities in the country.

Since the opening of the Greek borders to tourists from abroad on July 1, instances of the coronavirus have been steadily increasing. After the numbers of new cases having stabilized somewhat in the previous weeks, in the last several days the umber of new infections has jumped into the 50’s — and now the 60’s.

The total number of those who have been diagnosed with the disease in Greece, including all those who have recovered from it, is 4,401, representing a daily increase of 1.5%. Just over one half, or 54.6%, of these individuals are male. The average age of those who have died was 76 years.

Out of the total cases, 1,250, or 28.4%, are thought to have been related to travel abroad and 2,192 are connected to an already-registered case. The origin of the remainder of the cases is unknown and are still being investigated.

Currently, there are seven individuals across Greece who are intubated in ICU units, a decrease of one person from yesterday. The average age of all those who have suffered from the virus is 46 years (including victims as young as infants and up to 102).


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