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Holy Argument: Monk beats monk over Patriarchate dispute

September 18, 2023
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A 35-year-old Romanian monk on Monday was charged with causing grievous bodily harm after beating up a fellow monk on Sunday night at the Serbian Orthodox Hilandar Monastery, part of the all-male monastic community Mount Athos in northern Greece.

The suspect hit the 52-year-old Belarusian monk with his hands, feet and a plastic bottle in the face.

According to media, the two monks had an argument about the Patriarchates with the one to support the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul and the other the Patriarchate is Russia.

The victim was taken to Polygyros Hospital, where he is still being treated for minor injuries.

The 52-year-old refused to press charges but the monk was arrested in a fast-track process known as “aftoforo,” which allows a swift hearing if an arrest is made within 48 hours of an alleged crime.

The attacker has reportedly apologized.

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