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Hollywood Star Nia Vardalos Promotes Greece in Recent Visit

“Greece I Love You,” Vardalos commented on her first selfie of this summer’s Greek vacation, later uploading more photos with her friends. Source: Instagram

Hollywood star Nia Vardalos, who is proudly of Greek descent, chose Greece once again as her summer destination, and has been seen enjoying the sun and its beautiful beaches for a few days now.

Born on September 24, 1962, Antonia Eugenia Vardalos is a Canadian-American actress, producer, and screenwriter. Her most notable work is the 2002 smash hit “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

The famous actress made a tour of the Cyclades Islands, visiting Paros, Naxos and Antiparos, where she was hosted at the home of her friends Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who spend their summers in Greece.

Vardalos filled her Instagram account with photos from her relaxing moments, while expressing her love for the country in every post she uploaded, promoting Greece in the best possible way.

Vardalos’ Instagram post titled “Drinks, Drinks, Drunks.” Source: Instagram

Vardalos poses smiling at the Portara and at the Temple of Apollo in Naxos, while expressing the hope that the mighty winds will not lift her dress!

“Saying a little prayer that my dress doesn’t blow off at the Temple of Apollo.” Source: Nia Vardalos’ Instagram

Naturally, the Hollywood star could not resist Greek cuisine either during her visit, enjoying its delicacies without a shred of remorse. “Visit Greece. Leave your diet plan at home” she wrote in this photo’s caption.

“Visit Greece. Leave your diet plan at home.” Source: Nia Vardalos’ Instagram

Vardalos, known for her humor, also made fun of her Greek nose being big enough to smell the Aegean Sea.

My Greek nose is big so it can inhale the scent of the Aegean. Source: Nia Vardalos’ Instagram

In addition to the Aegean islands, the famous comedic actress was also found in Athens, enjoying her walks in the Monastiraki area.

“No visit to Greece is complete without stocking up … in the Monastiraki area of Athens.” Source: Nia Vardalos’ Instagram


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