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Gunman Opens Fire at Russian University Killing at Least Eight

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Students are seen jumping from second-floor windows to escape the gunman, who was arrested by Russian police. Screenshots from social media videos.

Eight people have been confirmed dead, with six injured, after a shooting on Monday at the campus of a Russian university in the city of Perm.

The assailant walked on to the campus on Monday morning and started shooting.

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Students and teachers barricaded themselves inside the university building; others were seen jumping from windows.

Gunman attacks a university in the Russian city of Perm. Deaths and injuries being reported.

Faculty and students were filmed jumping out of windows

— Murad Gazdiev (@MuradGazdiev) September 20, 2021

Russian university in lockdown

Russian police say the attacker has been detained. Russia’s official Investigations Committee says the attacker was a student at the university. Earlier unconfirmed reports identified him as an 18-year-old lone-wolf attacker named Timur Bekmansurov, who allegedly left a note describing his motives on social media.

The incident occurred at at Perm State University, located around 1,300 kilometres (800 miles) east of the capital, Moscow. The incident happened at one of the oldest universities in the Ural region, close to where Europe and Asia meet. The school’s social media alerted everyone who was on campus to leave if possible, or lock themselves inside a room.

Another video taken from inside the building appears to show an armed man dressed in black and wearing a helmet slowly walking across the campus as horrified onlookers express their shock.

The shooter who opened fire at Russia’s Perm State University, leaving several people wounded.

— Raj Shekhar Jha (@rajshekharTOI) September 20, 2021

Monday’s attack in Russia brought back memories of the 2004 Beslan school massacre, the worst terrorist atrocity in the country’s modern history.

It started on September 1, 2004, and lasted three days, involving the taking of more than 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children) and ended with the deaths of 334 people, 186 of them children, as well as 31 of the attackers. It is considered to be the deadliest school shooting in human history.

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