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Greek Officials Left Red-Faced as Student Face Masks Made Too Big

Children wearing face masks on first day back at school on Monday. Credit: Greek government

Greek authorities cancelled a contract with a face-mask constructor on Monday after it emerged that many masks made for primary school children were too big to fit.

According to reports, about one in three face masks, almost 1.5 million, distributed to students on the first day back at school were the wrong size.

The General Secretariat of Public Health in a statement that the wording of the contract relating to sizes was not clear, “with the result that a number of the masks distributed were larger than appropriate.”

According to the specifications, the supply of three sizes of mask was foreseen: one very small for the children of the kindergartens, one slightly larger for elementary schools and a bigger one for high school and teachers.

However, communication between officials and contractors broke down completely. Students uploaded hilarious photos of their faces completely obscured by the masks. “Parents don’t pick up the wrong kid!” someone wrote on Twitter.

The contractors will resume production based on new specifications regarding the dimensions of the masks. In the meantime, Minister for Education, Niki Kerameus, promised that single-use masks will be given to children and staff.

Opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) on Tuesday lambasted the government over the problems with the outsize face masks “for giants” handed out to school children on the first day of school, calling it an “uprecedented fiasco” and claiming that the “government opened the schools without the proper preparation for the protection of the children’s health”.

KINAL said that the government “imposed overcrowding in the classrooms and put all the weight on the masks, which they also made a mess of. An unprecedented fiasco with giant-size masks for children. It is outrageous that those responsible still hold their office,” KINAL said.

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