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Greek Doctor Uses Breakthrough AI to Improve Life of Cancer Patients

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Greek doctor Metrakos, whose research is in colorectal cancer. Credit: McGill Reporter.

Dr. Peter Metrakos is the Greek leader of a research team which is working on improving survival rates of cancer patients by using breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The team of doctors, based in Canada, are working to help patients suffering from colorectal cancer survive an incredibly deadly disease, which as it stands has a five-year survival rate of only 12%.

Cancer research using AI

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The research team is working with the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) to develop personalized medicine in the colorectal cancer field.

Current research is based on Metrakos’ 2016 research into colorectal cancer cells’ relationship to blood vessels.

The Greek doctor and his team will use liquid biopsy techniques to separate constituent parts of cancer patient’s blood, in order to understand which are related to the cancer. This data will then be anonymously given to an AI company named MIM in Montreal, which will then attempt to identify patterns in patient’s blood.

The information gained by using AI is supposed to allow researchers to develop personalized treatment plans for patients that would otherwise not respond to conventional therapies.

This groundbreaking research could help save thousands of lives from what is currently a very lethal disease.

Greek Doctor works on cancer research

Metrakos was born in 1960 in Greece but relocated to Canada with his parents before high school. He attended Baron Byng High School in Montreal, which had a significant Greek population.

Metrakos then attended McGill University, earning a Bachelor’s degree and subsequently studying medicine at the same university.

He currently works as a surgeon, performing mainly liver transplants, as well as a researcher.

An interview his high school conducted with him, which shows a more personal side of the Greek doctor, is shown below:

Help with funding

The ambitious research project is being funded by many generous donors. A lot of the research is thanks to donations to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). The Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade of Quebec has also decided to match private donations to the project by funding MEDTEQ .

Diane Côté, CEO of MEDTEQ says: “This exceptional partnership between leaders of their respective fields will allow to accelerate further the research against cancer. We’re confident that artificial intelligence will bring tremendous added-value in improving treatment to stage IV cancer patients,

“MEDTEQ has always favoured the collaborative development of innovations exploiting new enabling technologies, such as artificial intelligence in several forms, and this project is a great example of our approach.”

“This innovative new partnership demonstrates Quebec’s continued leadership in the field of artificial intelligence applied in health care. I am certain that this collaboration will ensure many promising developments in healthcare, for the benefit of patients here in Québec; as well as Canada and the world.” says Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon.

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