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Greek Artist Captures Essence of Hellenism Through Pop Art

Greek art“From Greece with Love” and “Greek Flag Crying” by Caroline Rovithi. Credit: Caroline Rovithi

Greek artist Caroline Rovithi creates bright, bold, and empowering works of art, and is motivated by the motto “All You Need is Greece” — which is also the title of her upcoming book.

Born in Germany, Rovithi is a self-taught artist who creates color-splashed, graphic Pop Art-inspired pieces which are focused on the Greek spirit.

Unlike many who dream of doing so, Rovithi has managed to find success as an artist, a notoriously difficult field, and her works have been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad since 2002.

Greek artCaroline Rovithi. Credit: Caroline Rovithi

Grecian Delight supports GreeceGreek art“Tsarouchi Air” by Caroline Rovithi. The artist has incorporated the traditional Greek image of the tsarouchi into Nike’s iconic advertising. Credit: Caroline Rovithi

So when asked what inspires her most, it is no surprise that Rovithi answered simply, with no hesitation, “Greece,” and the countless beautiful natural, cultural, and historic features of the country.

Her paintings bring Greek history into the modern era by imbuing Greece’s heroic past with bright colors and contemporary imagery.

In her mission to promote Hellenism and love for Greece worldwide, Rovithi will soon publish a book featuring her own artwork accompanied by quotes from famous figures in Greek history.

Greek artistA classic Greek kiosk. Credit: Caroline Rovithi

The book will honor the bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence on March 25, 2021, two hundred years after the fight for Greek freedom from the Ottomans began in 1821.

Inspired to create art focused on Greece after economic crisis

With a strong background as both a conceptual artist and a creative director, Rovithi is adept at translating the atmosphere, culture, and history of Greece into visual metaphors that instantly bring the country to mind.

Greek artist“From Greece with Love,” Caroline Rovithi. Credit: Caroline Rovithi

Rovithi was inspired to devote her artwork to celebrating Greece when she visited the country during the economic crisis after living and working abroad for many years.

When she visited her ancestral country, Rovithi, now based in Greece, noticed that Greeks were hurting, as she saw many people “having huge financial difficulties and coping with anxiety while feeling they were at a dead end.”

At that very moment, she realized that she could create works to inspire, motivate, and celebrate her country, which she calls one of “Earth’s paradises,” rather than focus only on its struggles.

painting“Greek Flag Crying,” Caroline Rovithi. Credit: Caroline Rovithi.

She went on to create a massive canvas featuring the Greek flag, bringing its iconic blue and white to new life by creating a motif of dripping white stripes.

In the piece, the flag — like the country and her people — is shown “standing strong and proud although it is hurting and crying,” Rovithi stressed.

Through creating empowering works about the country, Rovithi shows the world Greece’s strength in the face of what seem like insurmountable difficulties.

paintingCredit: Caroline Rovithi

Much like the Greek flag she painted after witnessing the impact of the economic crisis on the country, the talented artist often creates work based on current events that are in the forefront of Greek consciousness.

When Turkey clashed with Greek forces along the country’s northeastern border in Evros last year, Rovithi created a striking canvas to show her support for Greece.

painting“I Stand with Greece,” Caroline Rovithi. Credit: Caroline Rovithi

In the center of the powerful image, a fist grasps onto a lightening bolt made of the Greek flag, and the phrase “Stand with Greece” expresses Rovithi’s support for the “Greeks of Evros.”

With her focus on the iconic symbols of Greece, Rovithi has crafted an incredible body of work that truly exemplifies the essence of the country.

Rovithi offers books, jewelry, and prints inspired by her striking pieces for sale on her website.

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