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Greek-American Artist Zoe Behrakis Releases Third Single: ‘Strangers’

Greek American singer Zoe Behrakis
Greek American artist Zoe Behrakis. Credit: handout photo

Greek-American pop singer and songwriter Zoe Behrakis released her third single, called “Strangers,” on Friday.

Behrakis‘ latest single is available digitally on all streaming services, and a lyric video for the song will be released on her YouTube channel on Sunday.

The Greek-American artist and student released her second single, “Echo,” in late September of 2020.

Featuring the young singer’s beautiful vocal talents, “Strangers” describes the moment when two people, “better off as strangers,” decide to part, whether they be friends or lovers.

The up-and-coming artist described her inspiration for the pop tune by stating: “I think a lot of people out there have had a friend or romantic partner at some point in their life which just didn’t feel right, or who didn’t bring out the best in you.

“So this is a song about just saying goodbye to those kinds of people and situations, Behrakis explained.

Zoe Behrakis’ Greek American Background

The Greek-American singer embraces her ancestral roots, and tries to visit Greece as often as she can.

Her father’s family is from the beautiful Mani peninsula, famed for its rugged landscapes and picturesque villages, and her mother’s parents were both born in a small town outside of Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

As a child, Behrakis often put on recitals for her family in the living room, belting out her favorite songs in her beautiful voice.

Although her talent was evident from a very young age, the pop singer only started to refine her skills in middle school, when she began working with a vocal coach.

After honing her talent with her voice coach for many years, Behrakis was given the opportunity to work with PCG, a music agency located in Nashville.

She’s been affiliated with PCG for over a year, which involves working with them in Nashville when she’s not studying psychology at Boston College, where she also sings in a student a capella group called “The Bostonians.”

“Strangers” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music.

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