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Greece’s Artistic Swimming Team Advances to Tokyo Olympics

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The Greek girls booked a place in the Tokyo Olympics. Credit: Greek Olympic Committee

Greece’s artistic swimming team qualified on Friday for the Tokyo Olympic Games after a breathtaking performance in in Barcelona, Spain.

Suspense was in the air and the tension could be felt today during the Artistic Swimming Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

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After a thrilling competition, a nail-biter till the very last competitor, Italy, Spain, and Greece earned their ticket to this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The three nations join previously qualified Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Japan, Russia and Ukraine to complete the starting lists for the Team events in Tokyo.

Greece, in third place after the Technical Team event, used their Free routine to pay homage to Greek Mythology portraying the Wings of Icarus.

The music composed for their routine by Josep Jordi Grau Saula, allowed the team to tell an artistically impressive story of Icarus as he escapes from the waves using spectacular and powerful acrobatic moves.

Greece received 88.6000 points for their performance and ranking second overall with 175.9990 points.

Greece: A dream come true

“We cannot believe it, we worked hard, all of us. We are proud, it is a dream come true. There have been many difficult moments, but it was worth it, we are so happy,” Greece team said in a tweet.

Τα υπέροχα κορίτσια της καλλιτεχνικής κολύμβησης πανηγυρίζουν την πρόκριση στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες του Τόκιο

— Ηellenic Olympic Committee (@HellenicOlympic) June 11, 2021

First to perform, the Spanish team send a clear message to the six teams that would follow. Absent from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Spain performed their Free routine themed “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” with a determination to secure their qualification for the Tokyo Games.

The fairly new choreography, performed for the first time at the 2021 European Championships where they won the silver medal, scored 92.3000 points, for a total of 182.8506 and the lead.

Team USA missed the qualification for 0.2108.

Greece synchronized swimming

In May, synchronized swimmer Evangelia Platanioti helped Greece reach new heights in the sport when she won two medals at the European Aquatics Championships.

Platanioti’s incredible underwater dance brought her success at the championships, and she was able to put a feather in Greece’s cap by winning two medals in distinct categories.

The talented athlete was able to win a bronze medal for her solo free routine as well as a silver medal for her solo technical routine.

Greece has not won a medal in synchronized swimming since 2016, which makes the efforts of Platanioti and the rest of the team even more impressive. Platanioti is also the first Greek woman to win two medals in a singular European Aquatics Championship.

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