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Greece Records 36 New Coronavirus Deaths as Lockdown Remains in Place

This story Greece Records 36 New Coronavirus Deaths as Lockdown Remains in Place appeared first on

The Acropolis in Athens without any tourists due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Credit: Greek Reporter

Greece recorded a total of 1,269 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Sunday and 36 new deaths.

The current figure represents 361 fewer cases than the 1,690 cases diagnosed in Greece on Saturday, one day before.

A total of 26,330 tests were conducted in the country in the last 24-hour period; 4.82 percent of those tests were positive.

Coronavirus ICUs in high demand

Unfortunately, the situation in Greece’s hospitals is not looking good. On the contrary, the daily admissions along with those who need a bed in an Intensive Care Unit are going up.

On Sunday, Greek authorities reported that a total of 391 individuals were intubated with complications from the novel coronavirus.

This figure is higher compared to yesterday’s 379, a figure already alarmingly high.

Attica remains on high alert

The region of Attica, home to Greece’s capital Athens remains the county with the highest number of new infections.

More specifically, 591 new cases were reported in Attica, and 136 in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city.

Larissa, Phthiotis, and Achaea followed suit.

One Year Since First Coronavirus Case Was Reported in Greece

The first case of coronavirus in Greece was confirmed on February 26, 2020.

The news was shared with the nation in an emergency briefing by the Ministry of Health by the Professor of Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras.

According to Dr. Tsiodras, the first Greek victim of the new virus was a 38-year-old woman who had returned from an affected area in ​​northern Italy.

Patient zero was Dimitra Voulgaridou, a fashion designer who had traveled to Milan for business, at a time when the number of cases in northern Italy had risen sharply.

A year later, Greece mourns 6,468 deaths from the pandemic.

Speaking with Greece’s state-run AMNA news agency on Saturday, Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias said:

”One year after the first COVID-19 case in Greece we have entered, thanks to the vaccine, the final stretch before the end of this huge trial. Until May, as the Prime Minister said, all citizens over 60 and all those with underlying health issues will have been vaccinated.

“This will be a huge breather for our health system and we hope that will allow us to gradually return to normality.”

We are contributing with all our forces to the national goal, the so-called ”Eleftheria project”, by enhancing the operational effort of the armed forces for the safe transfer of the vaccines and by creating four mega vaccination centers: Promitheas center in Maroussi, Athens, and TIF-Helexpo in Thessaloniki has already been operating and vaccinating thousands of citizens every day,” the deputy minister said.

This story Greece Records 36 New Coronavirus Deaths as Lockdown Remains in Place appeared first on

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