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Greece Has Faced Double the Number of Wildfires in 2019 Compared to 2018

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According to the latest figures published recently by Greece’s Fire Brigade official statistics, 8,270 wildfires have been recorded across Greece so far in 2019.

The shocking figure is double the number of wildfires that occurred in the nation during the same period last year.

According to statistics, at least twenty percent of the Greek wildfires every year are a direct result of deliberate arson.

Greece’s multiple elections between May and July this year left local authorities unprepared for this season’s summer fires, leading to the increased number of wildfires we are seeing this year.

According to data deriving from those who have been charged in the past for arson, 99 percent of the arsonists had no psychological problems whatsoever, leading to the shocking realization that most of the arson incidents in Greece are deliberate and well-planned.

The latest wildfire to destroy thousands of square meters of forest was that in Evia, thankfully without claiming any human lives.

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