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European Data Considers Coronavirus Risk in Greece Mainly Low to Medium

Credit: Greek Reporter

According to data released by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on Friday, much of Greece is at a “low” or “medium” risk level for Covid-19.

The ECDC records the epidemiological burden across Europe, and classifies either entire countries or regions, depending on their coronavirus risk level.

Unlike much of Europe, excluding areas of Central and Northern Europe, which is considered high-risk, much of Greece is at low or medium risk.

The regions of Attica, Central Greece, Macedonia, Epirus, are at medium risk, and areas of Central Macedonia belong to the high-risk category.

Southern Greece, Eastern Macedonia, and Thrace are all considered very low risk areas.

All European countries, except for Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Liechtenstein and Norway, which are considered “stable” by the ECDC, are in a situation of “great epidemiological concern” in terms of the virus.

Although the stable countries may report an increase in cases, like Greece, they are still considered to have a relatively low risk level for young and healthy citizens.

Older people and those who belong to vulnerable groups in these stable countries are still considered to be of high risk, however.

Despite their stable designations, the situation regarding Covid-19 in the six countries should be carefully monitored, as the virus can spread quickly, increasing the countries’ risk level, according to the authorities.

Credit: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

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