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Diaspora Couple Offers €1,000 For Each Baby Born in Kandila, Western Greece

Students from Kandila participating in the parade during last year’s ”OXI Day” celebrations. Photo credit:

A surprising announcement was made public on Thursday concerning the residents of the small town of Kandila, in Greece’s Aetolia-Acarnania region.

The local council of the town announced that from now on, every family with a newborn baby, whose father comes from Kandila and is a permanent resident of the town, will be receiving a one-time payment of €1,000 to cover the initial expenses of the child.

This will be in addition to the newly-introduced nationwide grant of €2,000 which every family with a newborn will now receive from the Greek state.

The generous move was made possible by George and Zoe Moutos, a couple belonging to the Greek diaspora who come from this small town in western Greece.

Σημαντική προσφορά απο τον κύριο Γιώργο και την κυρία Ζωή Μουτου..Ακολουθεί η ανακοίνωση και οι ευχαριστίες απο τον…

Posted by Κανδήλα Αιτωλοακαρνανίας on Thursday, 23 January 2020


”We are announcing to the residents of the Kandila local community that from now on, every child that is being born and whose father comes from Kandila and is a resident of Kandila will be receiving a grant of 1,000 euros from our members of Diaspora George and Zoe Moutos,” the local council said in its announcement.

“The President and the members of the Kandila Local Council warmly thank Mr. George and Mrs. Zoe Moutos for this kindness in our village,” the statement concluded.

Kandila, which is Greek for ”Candle,” is located on a plain on the western side of the Acarnanian mountains, less than two miles from the Ionian coast.

The village, which has approximately 1,100 permanent residents, belongs administratively to the municipality of Xiromero.

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