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Coronavirus cases slightly increase; 52 Covid-deaths

May 26, 2023


New cases of both the coronavirus and the flu slightly increased over the week of May 15-21, according to the weekly report by Greece’s National Public Health Organization (EODY), published on Thursday.

Hospital admissions for coronavirus also went up last week, yet dropping 7% overall compared to the average weekly for admissions during the last 4 weeks.

The number of new intubations in May 15-21 decreased compared to the previous week, registering an overall 22% decrease compared to the average of new intubations the last 4 weeks.

On May 21, a total of 53 Covid-patients were intubated in Greek hospitals.

52 Covid-patients died during the said week. Their median age was 85 (age range: 63-106).

COVID statistics compered to previous week:

  • *Tests -4%
  • *Infections -1% (14,960 in total = 2,137/day)
  • *Positivity: 3% (6%)
  • *Hospital admissions: 14% (636 total = 91/day)
  • *intibated -5% (53)
  • *Deaths: -5% (52 total = 7/day)

Weekly sampling of virus loads in urban waste in Greece showed a rise in SARS-CoV-2 in 3 of 10 regions checked.

In terms of the flu, there was no case requiring admission to intensive care units (ICUs), or any new death reported, during the week of May 15-21.

A total of 68 people with flu have been hospitalized in ICUs since the start of the flu season and 26 people have died. A total of 78% of infections relate to type A, and of these the most common were subtype A (H3N2).

A rise was registered in flu-like illnesses across all age groups this past week, while respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) remained at the same low levels as the week prior.

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